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Video Signage is new and exciting adverising medium. The concept is simple, Movement ( Video) catchs your eye and you will see it ,Combine this with an advertising screen which is placed in a suitable location to motivate your customers buying inpulse and you have a sale. - In fact according to independant market research , up to 33% more sales. Why do I think it works? My thought is because Your message is being delivered to the customers when they are in a buying frame of mind.


All our screens are commercial grade and designed to operate 24 hours per day 7 days per week. We have a partnership arrangement with the Taiwan Manufacturer and the screens are made to suit your requirements. Screen sizes vary from 7inch up to Video Walls depending on location.


The way to sell product is to successfully give your customer an informed choice about your product.To do this you will need to create a video message about your product , We call this message content. This is the real working part or video advertising and it has to be good. Our team have many years of exsperince in the video production industry and as such are well able to produce excellent content. (See Examples) The secret to good content is change , be prepared to change your content from time to time and keep customers looking at it.


We have two advertising systems These are Infospot and Community Local Area Network or CLAN. Infospot is suitable for instore advertising where you have one store or where you have many stores. CLAN is for advertising in other business to attract customers to your business.


Infospot is for motivating customers to make that unplaned purchase.( Depending on your investment this unplanned purchase could be as little as $6 per day.) There are two types of Infospot systems,

The Chip Reader is designed for single store or single city applications Easy to use , the content can be created easily off site and then uploaded manually to the Playback screen.

The remote access system is designed to enable you to have many playback screens in many locations in the state or the country or in fact in the world. Content is created and then streamed to your playback screens via the Internet. The playback screens captures the content and plays it back as directed by you.


This system is designed to allow you to adverise your product in places where people wait and in places where people are looking for information about your product. Typically locations are shopping centres, doctors , dentists , Tour booking offices .

Low entry cost of $6.60 ingst per week makes this a system everyone can advertise on