Do you need the right equipment, however you do not need to own it? We can help!

We have a large range of rental equipment, including everything from Cameras to LCD Screens

Sony XD-HD, Sony HVR-Z1, Sony PD170, Panasnic Mini-DV

Miller Arrow 30 Carbon Tripod, Merlin Steadicam, Tracking Dollyl, Manfrotto Liquid Head Tripod
2K Blondie Field Lights, Red Head Field Lights, Camera Mounted Sun Gun, Tota Light
Wireless Audio Kit, Shotgun Mic, Lapel Mis, Boom Pole with Shock Mount, Leads
7 inch - 53 inch LCD displays, wall mounts, stands, Desk Stand LCD, Instore Promo Screens
15 - 17 Inch PC Laptop Computers,
17 Inch Apple iMac
Powerful Apple and PC systems, featuring the latest Final Cut Pro, Avid Liquid and Adobe Creative Suite. Professional grade sound booth and audio recording equipment.
Data Projectors, Projector Screens, Fleckys, C Stands, Sand Bags, Camera Batteries, Video Cables, Video Switchers and more...