Multiple copy duplication is no longer expensive, in fact we can do copies in lots of 1000 for under $1 per disc. We do however offer a full service including Design, Packaging, Printing, Printed Media as well as Assembly and Delivery as required.

Our facilites include the ability to Screen Print and Press, or for more urgent jobs, Print and Burn. We can produce up to 200 discs per hour. Tell our team your requirements and they will be able to give you a very competitive price!


SCREEN PRINT + PRESS: For orders over 1000 copies, we reccommend this option.

PRINT + BURN: For smaller, more urgent orders, we recommend this option.

We offer a full range of styles and colours for regular DVD and CD cases. As well as custom products such as...

-Printed Cardboard Envelopes

-Special Edition Bi Fold Cases

-Information Booklet Inserts

We can design and print unique and professional material, such as company branding or advertisements

-DVD / CD Case Covers and Inserts

-Business Card Discs

-Promotional Signage