Film/Video Production

In today’s world we are all impressed by the amount of film/video content available everywhere. There are times however when you want the quality services of a dedicated professional who prides himself on his ability to capture the extra things that make a difference. Our production crew are at your service to film wherever you require us . We have filmed/videoed many 100s of livestreams , sports events in most codes from school sport to International live events, Music Videos and Musicals, Seminars, Graduations, Weddings, Carnivals, Street Theatre and Funerals.  From concept to creation and delivery we are able to be of service to you.

Multiple Cameras and "Switched"

This is our speciality. Switched means like you see on Tv when the Footy scene goes from a wide shot to a close up and then to a totally different shot, this is switching between cameras, We have our own Switching unit and matched cameras to give you the best production we can.

Film/Video Editing

You have created your vision and now you need to make it really go BOOM Bring it in and we can help make the BOOM happen for you

Ask us about other video services!

We can live stream just about anything, if it isn't listed above feel free to send us an email and we can work something out.

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